Penny is such a beautiful supporter and encourager. Coaching is not like taking a pill and making momentous changes over night — it helps me learn to practice who I want to be, and continue to grow in the right direction.

Penny and I will talk again! I appreciate her very much, and keep our conversations in mind all the time. They help remind me to trust my instincts and to speak up more often.

– Janemarie, Corporate Communications Executive

Penny’s coaching has helped Rag Mops recognize our current and future employees’ strengths — and how we can best put them use. I rely on her for insights on my employees’ unique qualities, and how we can work together as an effective team.

– Debi Bascue, Business Owner

If it wasn’t for Penny, I would have never taken the leap or had the confidence in myself to pick up my laptop and start writing!

– Rachelle Dewig Wade, Blogger – Sassy Aspie Mom

I highly recommend Penny, who can help you find the answers to your unique situation. Through her compassion, support and innate wisdom, she has guided my to seek the fulfillment of my heart’s desires.

This journey has taken me to a place where I have found the genuine happiness required to make those desires a reality.

– Barb, Retiree

Penny has helped me immensely since we started coaching. This process has raised my confidence level, and really helps me grow personally and professionally. Coaching with Penny allows me to think through and talk about things that normally I would have pushed aside.

– Chris Lindenmayer, Creative Director

Penny Rackley possesses many great qualities of a true Life Coach including, a keen sense of intuition, understanding, and is a fantastic listener. She also helps her clients feel at ease with her humor and compassion. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a Life Coach.

– Monica Luna

I have known Penny for over twenty years. In that time, I have come to rely on her as a valuable resource for advice and insight. She has the rare ability to listen and respond in a non judgmental way, while at the same time offering an honest, open and some times painful evaluation of whatever problem or situation I am in without being offensive.

My experience with her for over two decades allows me to make an unqualified recommendation of her to anyone as a Life and/or Career Coach.

– Grant Sisk, Ph.D., Dean of World Languages, Brookhaven College

Penny is a wonderful person and an amazing coach. I have the privilege to work with Penny and I highly recommend her life coaching services. She is a great listener, trustworthy, and really loves what she does.

– Adri Kyser, Business Owner, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Penny has completed several career coaching sessions with me in the past couple of months. She listens to my needs, helps me focus on a set goal for each session, and knows exactly the questions to ask. She helps me find opportunities to improve my work performance.

She has assisted me in identifying short term and long term goals for my career in management, and allows me to talk and grow through the process. Each session is productive, insightful and has truly helped me develop and fine-tune my own skill set to better my team, my career path and my day-to-day job.

I would recommend Penny’s life coaching to anyone who wants to move up to the next level in their career. She knows just what questions to ask to help me pinpoint my goals, and helps me map out a realistic plan to achieve those successes, both large and small.

– Eric Brunson, Sr. Manager, Contact Center Operations


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My first love has always IMG_9509.JPGbeen helping others see, know and accept themselves for their own individual strengths and values. I began coaching in 2011, and greatly enjoy guiding clients to define their dreams, set meaningful goals and live with certainty and passion.

Based in Flower Mound, Texas, I’m a life coach, public speaker and freelance writer, and a graduate of the Gardner Institute’s Core Coaching and Mindset for Success programs. I coach both locally and long-distance, was voted Best Personal Coach of Denton County in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and ranked in the top three in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

I am mother to two adult-ish sons, Mason and Garret, and wife to sweet (and patient!) Jeff and we have a terribly misbehaved cat. I love living in Flower Mound, and some of my favorite things other than coaching are yoga, teaching two-year-olds in Sunday School, writing funny stories and cooking for appreciative eaters.

Contact Penny at:
Email: pennyrackley@mac.com
Phone: 214-793-1503

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